Like it or not, Charlie Sheen is about to get a lot more Anger Management.

The actor's FX show of the same name has just been picked for a whopping 90 additional episodes! Why so many? That was part of the deal Charlie signed with the network if the show reached its ratings target for eight out of the first 10 episodes. Considering the show premiered to 5.74 million viewers to become the most-watched sitcom debut in cable history and averaged 4.5 million viewers, according to Daily Mail, the Warlock more than held up his end of the bargain.

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Charlie is gearing up to be awfully busy for the time being though because FX execs are planning to churn out the 90 episodes over the next two years. In other words, an average of two episodes per week! Luckily, he seems to be optimistic about it. "I don't think 90 is going to be enough," said Charlie last month.

And if that's not enough work, he has two movies scheduled to be released next year. Charlie will star alongside Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5 and then play the role of the President of the US when he co-stars alongside Mel Gibson in action flick Machete Kills.

What do you think of 90 more episodes of Anger Management?

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