When it comes to celebrities and the paparazzi, it's a love/hate relationship and right now actress Christina Applegate HATES the numerous photogs tailing her and her daughter, Sadie. Christina took to her Twitter account to sound off on the frustrations of being hounded by paparazzi, writing, "I want my daughter to live a normal life. I want her to feel free to be who she wants, so paparazzi stop taking pics of her! Enough."

Adding, "It's times like these where I understand why Michael Jackson had his kids covered they were able to be anonymous until they decided to be public. We need a law against this! Taking pics of kids is sick! When I chose to be an actor we didn't have paparazzi. We excelled on the merit of our work, not by what gown we were wearing."

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Christina then turned her anger onto the celebs who use the paparazzi to their advantage, writing, "those who use paparazzi to further their careers are going to have a rude awakening when their talent doesn't get them anywhere. When I chose to be an actor we didn't have celebrities. We had actors. Not people who wanted fame. I blame those people who need fame."

She finally ended her rant with, "Just imagine for one second you having fun with ur kid in the park and a bunch of a holes start surrounding you and freaking ur kid out."

Wonder how many "celebrities" will find this offensive?? Can you think of any celebs Christina may be calling out?

Photo courtesy of Fame/Flynet