Katy Perry, we need to have a little girl talk. Now, I’m notan expert when it comes to boys but I do have one bone to pick with you – why areyou going on a date with John Mayer?

Katy and John were spotted leaving Chateau Marmont fordinner Wednesday night and sources at the restaurant said the two were “holdinghands across the table,” sneaking kisses and laughing.

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Collage of Katy Perry & John Mayer looking at each other

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Now, I’m not saying this is anything serious, but the ideaof this being a rebound shouldn’t be thrown out either. Could we be seeing thetype of guy Katy falls for? Think about it: John and Russell Brand both havethat womanizer-gene in them, they’re both sporting long, shaggy hair and they’renot the guys you would want to bring home to your parents. 

I’m sure we're not the onlly ones who want to warn Katy to run as fast as shecan from John. Maybe we need to set up an intervention with Taylor Swift,Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson to steer her in the right direction. I’llhave my people call your people.

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