Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis are probably shaking in their boots after hearing this news.

Demi Moore has signed a reported $2 million book deal with HarperCollins to publish a book about her life. And apparently Demi isn't holding back! A source close to the project said that the actress is "planning to spill all the juicy details on her addictions, her meltdown and her marriages," according to Books & Review.

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Let's be honest though. If you're a mega A-lister like Demi, $2 million isn't an earth shattering amount of money. What is she hoping to accomplish with the book? Apparently throwing Ashton under the bus. "We already had a great book outline from her in which she said she would write about overcoming her alcohol and cocaine addictions," said an insider. "Now she's going to blow the lid on her six-year marriage to Ashton, so what would have been a best-selling book is going to become a blockbuster!"

So who isn't happy about the project? Demi's three children. "Demi's daughters hate the idea - they don't want their lives laid bare to whole world," said a source close to the family. Time will tell how the family drama plays out!

Do you think Demi should write the book if her kids don't want her to?

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