Walk into your local gay bar and you'll see the same thing: two old queens who can't stop bickering.

It's no secret that Elton John and Madonna don't like each other, but Elton has seemed to take particular offense to Madge's "horrible" treatment of Lady Gaga, who is godmother to one of his son's. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said the Material Girl "looks like a f****** fairground stripper" and called her current tour "a disaster" before declaring, "It couldn't happen to a bigger c***." Um, wow. WOW.


Elton John in Saint Tropez, May 2012

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As usual, Madge has not responded to Elton's comments. "Ultimately, she doesn’t care what he has to say about her in public or private," said a friend of Madonna's. "To say her tour is a disaster is just silly. She is selling out arenas, singing new material and a few classic hits. He will be singing the same old songs until he dies."

Either way, their verbal battles about who is less relevant is the pot calling the kettle black since they both had the pinnacle of their careers come decades ago. If we want to break it down though, Madge has sold 300 million records compared to Elton's 250 million. She's also worth $650 million as of last year compared to his $355 million. And Madge is receiving a $250 million paycheck for her current MDNA tour. Pretty good for a "disastrous" tour!

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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