Ryan Lochte has been very vocal about his dream to be on a reality TV show – preferably Dancing With the Stars or The Bachelor. Now, I know plenty of women would LOVE to battle it out for his attention, but what does The Bachelor host Chris Harrison think about Ryan joining his show?

Hollywire chatted with Chris at The Expendables 2 premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday and he told us exclusively his thoughts on the rumors!

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So does Chris think Ryan is up for the challenge of picking one lucky lady out of more than a dozen? “If we could train him not to pee in the pool I think, other than that, we’d be set,” he joked. “Lochte, good old Texas boy. I think he’d be a great Bachelor. He’d be fantastic.” Ryan, you’ve got Chris on your side so you might have a shot at this career path!

What do you think about Ryan becoming the next Bachelor? Would you watch? Better yet, would you audition as one of the women? Let us know in the comments section below!