Could you imagine if you could pick certain qualities in afriend, child, significant other, etc., plant them and then you woke up andbam! That person was right there? Well, in Jennifer Garner’s new Disney flickThe Odd Life of Timothy Green, that’s exactly what happens with her son!

We chatted with Jen exclusively at the El Capitan premierein Hollywood on Monday where she dished about how motherhood prepared her forthe role and what drew her to film in the first place.

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When asked how being a real-life mother played a part in hercharacter, Jennifer said, “Once you have kids, it changes you enough that Ithink it’s part of whatever you do. I certainly was in the middle of motherhoodplaying this role, so I’m sure it had an effect.” Fun fact: she was actuallypregnant with her son Samuel during filming!

Don’t forget to check out The Odd Life of Timothy Green whenit hits theaters Wednesday, August 15th!

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