It's every girl's dream.... too be doused in buckets full of blood.. Ok not really, but for actress Chloe Moretz, it's her reality! The Kick-Ass star landed the lead in Kimberly Peirce's remake of the 1976 horror flick, Carrie and the  first pics from the set have hit the Internet. Entertainment Weekly published two stills from the Carrie remake -- one of Chloe dripping with blood and one of Julianne Moore (who plays Chloe's mom) in a white night gown gripping a knife in her hand.

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Chloe talked about the classic prom scene from Carrie to EW, saying, "We only have, like, four chances to get it right because that stuff stains your hair." Her mother in the film is played by Julianne Moore, who dished on her character, saying, "This woman has clearly had a psychotic break, perhaps several. But what's sad about it for me is that she's clearly sick and here's her poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill."

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The photos are creepy enough to send chills down even the most devoted horror flick enthusiast's spine... Think you can handle it?

Are you excited for the Carrie reboot? Or are you tired of movie remakes??

Photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly