We know, we know. Everyone and their mother (and even the US Olympic swim team) has posted a Call Me Maybe video on YouTube at this point, but we swear this is the funniest one by a mile so far.

Comedian and avid YouTuber Steve Kardynal has posted a number of hilarious videos, including one on the unfortunate exercise dumbbell known as the Shake Weight and his Songs In Real Life video that hit 26 million views on the site. His newest video, a Chatroulette version of Call Me Maybe that features him in a skimpy bikini to the disappointment of numerous internet porn enthusiasts, is on track to become his biggest hit yet though. Since being uploaded last Friday, it's reached nearly nine million views!

Steve Kardynal

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Even though Steve has had major videos on YouTube before, the almost immediate viral success of his take on Call Me Maybe has even surprised him. "just woke up from a nap to see how much my new video has blown up! feels like i'm waking up on christmas morning," he tweeted.

Check out the video below!


What do you think of Steve's take on Call Me Maybe?

Photos courtesy of twitter.com/SteveKardynal