We don’t even know who the other judges are on American Idol yet, but Mariah Carey is already starting the drama before the cameras have even begun rolling.

Reports are surfacing that Nicki Minaj is just about ready to be confirmed as one of the judges for the upcoming season of the show -- and Mariah is PISSED! She was told that she’d be the only female judge and TMZ said she was so irate at the news that she hung up on a phone call with producers. You’d think she would be cool with Nicki since they dueted on Up Outta My Face, but apparently not.

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As of now, it’s still unclear whether Randy Jackson will come back for another season or if they would add a fourth judge to the mix if he stays. If Idol needs another body for whatever reason, Enrique Iglesias, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban are all leading the pack to fill that spot.

None of them would stand a chance if Kanye West wants the spot though -- and it looks like he might!  The show’s producers are in talks with Kanye and offered him the same $18 million salary Mariah is getting. Although Kanye is “interested,” he has yet to make a decision. Mariah and Kanye’s egos joining forces at the same table would be gold in every sense of the word!

Do you think Mariah will stick around if Nicki joins the panel? Do you think Kanye will fill one of the seats?

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