It might actually be time to start taking someone on Jersey Shore seriously!

He may not have quite the same name recognition as The Situation or Snooki, but Pauly D has been making a killing over the last year by establishing himself as a high-profile DJ. In addition to specializing in GTL, Pauly has had some major DJ gigs recently like the Teen Choice Awards and opening for Britney Spears. Combine that with endorsement deals and his Jersey Shore payday and Pauly has racked up $11 million this past year!

Pauly D at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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DJ'ing at clubs isn't anything new for Pauly. He was doing it back in the sleepy college city of Providence, Rhode Island, long before Jersey Shore ever took off, although he was getting paid a couple hundred backs per night instead of the $40,000 he receives now for each gig. “Everybody was skeptical at first, because how everybody heard about me is probably from 'Jersey Shore,'” he said. “But now I’m six seasons deep in the show and I’ve been touring all over the country, touring with major pop acts and stuff like that. That legitimizes everything, and they’re starting to say, ‘This kid isn’t just a reality star, he’s an actual DJ.’”

In addition to spinning, Pauly also his own clothing line called Dirty Couture, a spin-off show called The Pauly D project, a record deal with 50 Cent and a line of "pre-game" cocktails. It looks like unlike most of his fellow cast members, the cameras may still be on Pauly well after the show ends!

What do you think of Pauly D's business savvy?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet