The rumor mill is swirling as to who will be on the judges panel for the upcoming season of American Idol, but here's one person we can confirm will NOT be sitting in one of those chairs: Katy Perry!

Katy recently demonstrated that she's completely immune to the effects of the recession. The show has been aggressively pursuing her for the last several weeks and even matched Mariah Carey's $18 million contract deal. But not only did Katy say no thanks, TMZ is reporting she gave an even more emphatic no when producers bumped up the offer to a whopping $20 million!

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So how and why did Katy turn down an insane paycheck for one season of work? She's still plugging her most recent album and simply doesn't have time to fit the demands of American Idol into her schedule. And even if she did, she still wouldn't do it. Sources close to Katy said she doesn't feel it's the right career move and no amount of money will fix that.

Seriously, American Idol: Call us. We'll be happy to do it for $20 million. For real.

What do you think of Katy turning down the chance to judge this season?

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