Kristen Stewart has been keeping a low profile at her parents place in LA since her cheating scandal broke, but she's going to have face the music next month.

The actress is hoping our friendly neighbor to the north provides a warmer reception than she's been getting stateside when she appears at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. K-Stew will be in town to promote her latest movie On The Road. according to US Weekly. We don't envision she'll be eating ice cream with Jon Stewart for this press junket.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at 2012 Comic-Con, July 2012

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A source close to Kristen said that while she was expecting the backlash to be bad, she wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Although she is fully aware her actions were wrong, she feels Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders should be labeled as the bad guy because he was married with children, in a position of power and nearly 20 years older than her.

And on top of that, being cut from the Snow White sequel and dropped by a perfume campaign has also made K-Stew fear that her career has been irreparably damaged. The numbers at the box office for On The Road will certainly be telling as to whether or not that's the case.

Do you think Kristen's career will be irreparably damaged because of this scandal or will she bounce back?

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