Director Tony Scott, who produced numerous Hollywood blockbusters throughout his career that spanned four decades, died yesterday after jumping off an LA bridge in an alleged suicide attempt. He was 68 years old.

Several people called police at 12:35pm to report that someone had jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge. When police arrived, they found Scott's car parked on the bridge and a note inside the vehicle that listed contact information. A suicide note was later found in his office. Tony had not publicly exhibited any signs of depressive behavior or suicidal tendencies before.

Tony Scott in 2010

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Scott is responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster movies ever in Hollywood. The 1986 film Top Gun starring Tom Cruise was the highest grossing movie of that year by clearing $176 million at the box office. He also directed other major flicks including Beverly Hills Cop II starring Eddie Murphy, True Romance starring Christian Slater, Enemy of the State starring Will Smith and most recently Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington.

In addition to his movie work, Scott also directed commercials and was Executive Producer for several hit TV shows including Numb3rs and The Good Wife. He is survived by his brother Ridley (also a film director), wife Donna and two children Frank and Max.

Several celebrities also commented on Twitter about Scott's tragic passing.

Ron Howard: "No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day."

Mena Suvari: "(He was) an amazing spirit, full of life and passion."

Elijah Wood: "awful news about Tony Scott. rest in peace."

Seth Green: "Literally can't process Tony Scott being dead. He was a brilliant story teller and a f***ing awesome man. Love and prayers..."

Michael Moore: "True Romance. The scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in a Detroit railyard is a classic. RIP Tony Scott."

The legendary director made so many incredible, inconic films, including one of our favorites, True Romance. Take a look at one of our favorite scenes from the movie (the same one that Michael Moore referenced):

We'll miss you, Tony.

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