Cody Lohan, the lil' bro of actress Lindsay Lohan, knows first hand the perks of being related to the rich-and-famous after his infamous sis takes him on not one, but TWO shopping sprees this week. Apparently now that she's a working woman again, Lilo has some cash to throw around.

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Lindsay Lohan

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First it was off to the OC for a stop at a surf shop where Lindsay treated 16-year-old Cody to a $3000 shopping spree, TMZ reports. And since that wasn't enough, the Lohan duo was back at it again the next day, spending $3500 at an LA area Target. So what exactly does $3500 get you at Target?? Pretty much anything you want, but for Cody it was a flat-screen TV, an iPod and a digital camera.

All of this was reportedly a reward for a job well done, as Cody is an aspiring professional surfer. However, it's Lindsay's recent success that made the shopping trips even possible. Looks like the straight-and-narrow is really paying off for the actress. Hopefully she can keep it that way.

If you could choose any ONE celeb to be your sibling and spoil you, who would it be?

Photo courtesy of Fame/Flynet