Take note: Nudity in Hollywood isn't reserved for D-listers or celebrities past their prime like Lindsay Lohan or Madonna

Even Justin Bieber told a BBC Radio DJ that he would consider going naked on stage for the right price! But unlike Lindsay appearing nude in Playboy for $1 million or Madonna taking off her top in concert out of the, um, goodness of her heart, Biebs is asking for considerably more money. How much? According to The Stir, his price tag to go au naturel is $25 billion!

Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards, May 2012

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Despite the insane number he threw out there, there are a lot of mega-wealthy Justin fans (or mega-wealthy parents of children who are fans of Biebs). We're willing to bet that some sort of fundraising campaign is at least attempted to raise that money. And let's say it reached a huge amount that was nowhere near $25 billion. Let's say all of Justin's 26,019,167 followers on Twitter each donated $2 for a grand total of $52,038,334. He might actually be criticized for not taking that money, donating it to charity and showing up on stage in the buff.

This isn't the first less-than-intelligent comment Biebs has made lately. He recently told Rolling Stone that he was entitled to free gas in Canada because he is part aboriginal Indian, which The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples clarified is simply not true. And let's not forget his "Sixteenth Chapel" remark on Letterman.

Do you think Justin fans would ever attempt to to raise $25 billion to see him naked?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet and Getty Images