Want to know a surefire way to kill your music career before it ever got started? Guest star on an Octomom track where she sings AND raps!

Mother of 14 Octomom a.k.a Nadya Suleman managed to get semi-famous musician Adam Barta, who has had his music videos appear on gay channel LOGO, to provide vocals for her debut single Sexy Party. The cover for the single is even more horrifying than the prospect of Octomom rapping as he covers her breasts with his hands. Octo copycats how to be shocking in 1993 with Madonna's rosaries and crosses everywhere and the Janet Jackson hands-on-boobs pose from her '90s Rolling Stone cover. We smell a chart-topper!

Octomom debut single cover

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The single is expected to be released sometime this month and will likely include a few DVR-worthy live performances on morning talk shows. Hey, stranger things have happened than an Octomom singing career. If Paris Hilton can release a debut album that cracks the top 10 on the Billboard charts, then Octomom can at least, um, hit the charts?

Until then, she's scraping the barrel to raise money for her enormous brood. In addition to begging fans for $150,000 to put a down payment on a home (she's raised $2,904 so far), she's auctioning herself for dates on whatsyourprice.com. Even though there's no sex involved, between that, stripping and starring in "self-pleasure" porn, we're a little concerned she's now one small step above escorting and prostitution.

What do you think of Octomom releasing a debut single? Will you give it a listen?

Photos courtesy of twitter.com/adam_barta and Getty Images