It seems like every musician on the planet has been clamoring for one of the empty judging chairs on American Idol, but there's one rocker who won't be filling those shoes anytime soon.

Pink has turned down judging offers from not one, not two, but THREE singing competition shows! In addition to Idol, Pink also said thanks but no thanks to The X Factor and the Australian version of The Voice. But why? According to UK tabloid The Sun, the rocker thinks she's simply "too honest" to ever be a judge on those shows.

Pink in July 2012

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Believe it or not, Pink shed her tough girl image in admitting that she wouldn't be comfortable hurting the contestants feelings. "I said no because you can't be honest. People will hate you if you're honest," she said. "Simon Cowell is the only person who gets away with it because he's got an accent. And he's a man. People would just hate me more than they already do."

Either way, Pink has plenty going on in her life at the moment. She's the newest face of CoverGirl and her new album The Truth About Love will be released next month. And she's got a toddler running around now. Plus, we're sure some future hopefuls on these shows are breathing a sigh of relief that Pink won't be tearing into them.

Would you have wanted to see Pink as a judge on one of these shows?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet