The Queen definitely isn’t going to be happy about this one! The always-cheeky Prince Harry has gotten himself into a nude photo scandal while he was away playing in Las Vegas. Yikes!

While Harry was in Sin City for a little R&R, things got pretty wild when he invited some girls up to his VIP suite, which later led to a game of strip billiards last Friday. TMZ obtained the photos of the party and, well, they look pretty authentic!

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TMZ reached out to the Buckingham Palace who made it pretty clear that they were NOT happy about Harry’s crazy Vegas night. But since he already know that he’s a little bit more cut-loose than William – remember his Nazi Halloween costume – the fact that things got a little wild for him in VEGAS isn’t really surprising.

Do you think Harry got a little too out of control or should he have cut loose? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images