It looks like the royal family might have a much larger piece of footage from Prince Harry's naked escapades in Vegas that they need to put a blackout on.

Not only are the photos of his "strip billiards" game circulating the globe, there might soon be some video to go with it! One of the women that night apparently has footage of him partying naked and a source close to the situation said there have been "some very quiet inquiries to see how much the video is worth," according to Radar Online. If the rumors are true, this would be, hands down, the biggest nude celebrity tape ever!

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Because celebrity nude photos and tapes are usually reserved for the C and D-list and still rake in big bucks, there's no telling just how successful a nude video of Prince Harry would be. "I can't think of a single person who wouldn't be interested in checking it out," said Steven Hirsch, founder of porn company Vivid Entertainment. "It would be worth probably more than any other celebrity sex tape that we've seen."

As of now, there is NO proof that a nude video of Prince Harry exists. But hey, we can dream, right?! Until then, the Prince is making his first public appearance since the scandal next week. It's for a great cause too -- he'll be attending the WellChild Awards ceremony in London, which promotes the charity for seriously ill children.

Would you want to see a Prince Harry nude tape?

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