Robert Pattinson has had a busy week filled with constantpromotion for his film Cosmopolis. While his stops at The Daily Show, Good MorningAmerica and The New York Times panel all have Kristen Stewart-related questionsinvolved, his chat with MTV was much different.

In fact, not one “So how are you doing after K-Stew cheated?”question was asked. Bet that was a sigh of relief for Rob!

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Robert Pattinson at the NYC premiere of Cosmopolish

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Instead, Rob chatted about his new film, life afterTwilight, what he does in his spare time and what’s next for his career. First,let’s start with Twilight. “It was an amazing experience and huge chunk of mylife,” Rob said. “I feel so much older now.”

When R-Patz isn’t working – which is pretty rare these days –he likes watching reruns of Cops and writing music. In fact, he revealed, “Ithink I might do some stuff soon.” Exciting stuff, guys!

Do you wish some sort of Kristen question would have beenasked or are you tired of constantly hearing about it? Let us know in thecomments below!

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