Robert Pattinson is probably completely sick of thisCosmopolis press tour. He’s already stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewartand Good Morning America and pretty much succeed at avoiding any KristenStewart-related questions. But his chat at the New York Times panel wasprobably the most awkward one we’ve seen yet.

During the TimesTalk interview on Wednesday, Rob sat downalongside his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg with moderator David Carr tochat movies. But when the host asked Rob why the culture in the United Stateswas so obsessed with celebrities, he replied, “I think it’s because Americareally wanted a royal family. You want to have a democratic royal family. It’sa meritocratic version of it, sort of, actually, not it’s not at all.”

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Robert Pattinson in grey suit at Cosmopolis premiere in NYC

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And cue the awkward Kristen moment! “So if you and [KristenStewart] have trouble, it’s like Charles and Di having trouble,” David pointedout.

The audience didn’t handle that question very well and booedhim for even asking it. Meanwhile, Rob and David just sat there and laugheduncomfortably. The host told the crowd, “I wasn’t really going there, just soyou know.”

Rob did reply to the Charles and Diana comparison, saying, “Iwouldn’t go that far.” Next stop on his press tour – MTV tonight!

Do you think the Charles and Diana question was out of lineor do you think Rob handled it pretty well?

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