It seems like every day there is another celebrity that is the victim of a Twitter death hoax. Now, most of the time stars just brush it off and never comment on the rumors. Not Russell Brand! We should have known.

It all started on Saturday when the Global Associated News posted a story saying that Russell had died after a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. Apparently “eyewitnesses” saw him lose control of his board and hit a tree, dying instantly from the impact. Hm, really?

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Russell confirmed that the story was, in fact, just a hoax by posting the link to the article on Twitter and writing, “Bloody hell. I better cancel the milk.” That Russell, always a jokester.

Since every celeb has been a part of a death hoax, we wonder if there is anyone even left to kill off!

Do you think these death hoaxes are getting out of control? Do you even believe them anymore when they come up?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images