Ryan Lochte won medal after medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, but his biggest competitor just may have come after the games were over!

While in Las Vegas last week, Ryan was challenged to his biggest race yet -- by Britain's Prince Harry, according to ET. Although Ryan obviously had one up on Prince Harry in the swimming department, though, he still took the race seriously! "Even though he was part of the royal family, I wasn't going to let him win," he says.

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Despite the race being for fun, it seems the nerves were flying for the Olympic champ. "I was like, I better win!" Ryan continues. "That's the only thing that was really going through my mind."

Ryan also describes the Prince as a "great guy", explaining that he's "just like one of us." Is this a new bromance right now!?!

Do you think Ryan should've let Prince Harry win?!

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