Looks like Ryan Lochte’s dream of being on a reality TV show could really come true. It just may not be The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars.

The Olympic swimmer revealed that he is currently in talks with E! to have his own reality show in the future. “Yeah, we’re talking to them right now,” he revealed to Celebuzz.

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The concept of the show would just be, well, pretty much every reality show – his day-to-day life! “Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my fashion line,” he said. I love how he calls swimming and designing a fashion line his “normal day.”

As long as we get some sort of guest appearance by Michael Phelps, we’ll be happy.

Would you watch a Ryan Lochte reality show? Or are his 15-minutes of fame already up?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Fame FlyNet