Taylor Swift has had us all singing along to her new smash-hit song for weeks, but now she’s throwing a dance party for the music video! (Can’t help but wonder, how’s the ex-boyfriend doing? Not as good as T. Swift I’m sure)

Chelsea Briggs has your sneak peek in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The first look at the new vid shows Taylor singing the song while living it up at a house party. T. Swifty sure doesn’t seem too upset that she and her ex-boo are never getting back together! Stay tuned, the full music video debuts on MTV later today! We all know that Tay writes a lot about love and heartbreak, so we expect nothing less from her new album RED – out October 22nd

So which of Taylor’s songs has had you singing along after a breakup? Tell us in the comments which one has cheered you up the most!