Usher just can't seem to catch a break in his ongoing custody battle with his ex Tameka Foster. First he was denied a delay in the hearing and now a judge held the rapper in contempt of court. Apparently the judge was not to happy with Usher for canceling Tameka's Saks Fifth Avenue credit card, which happened to be in his name, and for not paying his children's nanny fees.

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Usher was ordered by the judge to reopen the Saks account, an account his ex says she used for her job as a stylist, TMZ reports. The judge also addressed a few other complaints from Tameka, including nanny fees and Usher's failure to notify her of when and where he traveled with their children.

Ruling in Tameka's favor, Usher not only has to reopen the Saks account, he must also pay $1300 in nanny fees. As for the issue of custody, that's still an ongoing battle. The judge still has not made a ruling as to how the kids time will be divided or how much support is to be given.

What do you think of Usher being held in contempt? Should he still be responsible for Tameka's Saks shopping sprees?

Photo courtesy of Fame/Flynet