Move over, Ryan Lochte. There’s another semi-famous fratty douche who isn’t ready to be trumped when it comes trademarking to obnoxious catchphrases.

But while Ryan may only have to do battle with an unknown rapper from 20 years ago, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will need to wage war with Viacom, which owns MTV and a number of other networks. The Sitch has used his phrases like “GTL” and “twinning” to snag major endorsement deals and now his entertainment company, MPS Entertainment, is gearing up to slap the phrases on a line of clothing. Viacom is striking back with a big fat lawsuit though, according to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that using these phrases for profit is a big no-no per the terms of his Jersey Shore contract.

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Unfortunately for Sitch, it looks like he has a pretty bad, um, situation on his hands. Viacom claims he signed a contract before Season 1 with 495 Productions, the producers of Jersey Shore, basically waiving the rights to anything that comes out of his mouth on the show. The contract even explicitly states that he has no “right to issue t-shirts featuring Artist’s quotes from the series.”

We’re not sure how or why he would violate the terms of his contract so severely. If The Situation is still sober, he certainly isn’t acting like it now.

Who do you think should have ownership over GTL and twinning?

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