Another day, another Glee teaser! This time it’s the newest promo posters and it looks like all our favorite Gleeks are returning, plus some new faces at McKinley High! But wait, where’s Quinn?

Chelsea Briggs explains what’s up in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

So I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who noticed that Dianna Agron is missing from the new poster, but what does it mean??

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Alright, everybody calm down – creator Ryan Murphy hopped on Twitter to clear up the confusion and announce that Dianna is still on the show, signing off with “#QuinnFabrayLives.” 

So now that we’ve all stopped panicking, let’s enjoy another promo from the premiere with Kate Hudson covering J.Lo’s “Dance Again.” And just a reminder – Season 4 premieres September 13th!!

Is Season 4 going to be weird with less Mike Chang, Quinn, Mercedes and Puck? Tell us what you think it’s going to be like in the comments!