First Lindsay Lohan andnow Britney Spears? It seems like everyone is out to channel theirinner-Elizabeth Taylor lately.

Britney posted a photoon her Facebook page of her dressed as her own version of Cleopatra – minus theblack wig. “Channeling my inner Cleopatra today @ Elizabeth Arden Fantasy Twistshoot. Fragrance is out in Sept. 1st look on Path,” she wrote.

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Britney Spears dressed as Cleopatra for fragrance photo shoo 

Britney puts her rocking bod on display in the photo,wearing an all-gold, tight-fitting dress with a sheer skirt. Completing thelook, she’s wearing heavy makeup and a large headpiece. Glad she didn’t throwthe black wig on as well!

How did Britney do with her Cleopatra look? Should she havebeen cast as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick?!