The gloves are off and it’s an all-out brawl between the singing competition shows.  In one corner we have the new & improved The X-Factor with Britney Spears and in the other, the defending champ The Voice with Christina Aguilera!

Chelsea Briggs plays referee in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Holy 90s Flashback! It’s Britney v. Christina all over again! But this time, the pop divas aren’t competing on the charts, they’re competing for TV ratings! Both The X-Factor and The Voice start their new seasons this week! The Voice Season 3 premiere, which got a surprise extension last week, grew from two nights (tonight and Tuesday) to three (adding Wednesday).

And on FOX, Season 2 of The X-Factor kicks off on Wednesday with a two-night run. Which means the third night The Voice “conveniently” overlaps with The X-Factor premiere ep! I did say this was a competition didn’t I?! Well, Simon Cowell is not pleased, calling NBC’s move “cold-hearted” and “unprofessional” – Yikes!

So which show will you be watching? Team Britney & The X-Factor or Team Christina & The Voice? Or is time to give this pop showdown a rest?