The always glamorous, always hilarious, always super-long (seriously, how about two hours next year?!) Emmy Awards left us with plenty of surprises and no shortage of memorable moments during its 64th installment this year.

From pranks that became trending Twitter topics within minutes, Jon Stewart's hilarious acceptance speech after sweeping a category for a full decade, and a drama that became the new Emmy darling this year, check our roundup of the 6 best moments from the this year's Emmys!

6. Jimmy Kimmel and Tracy Morgan's Prank

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Emmy host Jimmy wanted to know who was watching this year and had a surefire way to figure it out. He asked Tracy to join him on stage, instructed the actor to lie down on stage for 10 minutes and told viewers to tweet, "Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage the Emmys. Turn ABC on now." When the show returned from a commercial break, Tracy explained that it was "just exhaustion." Within the 10 minute period, thousands of tweets about the alleged pass out hit the site.

5. Jon Stewart's acceptance speech

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Let's be real: There are certain aspects of the Emmys that are predictable. Case in point, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won the Best Variety, Comedy or Musical Series category for the 10th year in a row! And of course, Jon had no problem calling this fact out. "In some future age, aliens arriving on earth will find a box of these and they will know how f***ing predictable these things are," he said.

4. Seth Macfarlane Mic Mix-Up

Seth may have one of the most famous voices on television, but he's not so skilled at finding the right microphone. After talking into a silent mic for a good 10 seconds, he realized his mistake and walked over to the proper mic. Always quick with a joke, he said in the functioning mic in his Family Guy Stewie voice, "This is what happens when you don't go to rehearsal."

3. Jon Cryer's Best Actor Upset

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NOBODY, not even Jon himself, predicted he would win the Best Actor in a comedy award. He even said on the red carpet that he had "no chance" of snagging an Emmy this year But the star of Two and a Half Men, who has won as a supporting actor but only got bumped to the main role due to the departure of Charlie Sheen, took out the biggest names in TV comedy, including Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, to win the accolade. "That this has happened is ridiculous," said Jon at the podium. He said it, not us.

2. Julia Louise-Dreyfuss Mixes Up Her Acceptance Speech With Amy Poehler's

Leave it to two of the funniest women in Hollywood to come up with the most hilarious acceptance speech gag. After Julia snagged her Emmy for Best Lead Actress in Veep, she hugged Amy and started reading her speech, "First of all, I'd like to thank NBC, Parks and Rec, my beautiful boys Archie and Abel..." She then looks down at Amy and goes down the stairs to swap pieces of paper. Even in her acceptance speech Julia proves her impeccable comedic timing. Brilliant.  

1. 'Homeland' Ties For Most Emmys of the Night

Ladies and gentlemen, your new critic's darlings! The show took home four awards last night, including Best Drama, tying Modern Family and HBO movie Game Change for most Emmys this year. In addition, Damian Lewis and Clare Danes swept the Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a drama categories. We have a feeling this won't be their last time at the dance either!

What was your favorite moment at the 2012 Emmys?

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