This is almost getting funny. Almost.

The court system took a stand last week against Amanda Bynes being unable to get behind the wheel without nearly killing someone, suspending her license after she was charged with two counts of hit-and-run. So what did she do? Get behind the wheel AGAIN. And of course, she was pulled over once again by police, this time for not having her lights on. But according to the LA Times, Amanda got off scot free because they never asked for her license!

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So why did the cop not ask Amanda for her license? LAPD Lt. Andrew Nieman said because they stopped Amanda for safety purposes, they are not required to ask for or run a driver's license in such cases. It's still unclear if her suspension was in effect yet.

Either way, this isn't looking good for Amanda's upcoming court hearing on the two hit-and-run charges. While it wouldn't be a violation of any case because she's not on probation, it will make it harder for her to avoid jail time or other stiff penalites. As of now, she could face a year in jail if convicted on both hit-and-run charges!

Do you think Amanda will end up in jail, get a revoked license or a slap on the wrist?

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