Here's one woman Chris Brown won't be able to abuse: the judge in his probation case!

Judge Patricia Schnegg ordered Breezy to court yesterday after finding out he tested positive for marijuana, despite currently serving a five year probation sentence for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna back in February 2009. Not only that, but it appears that Chris failed to complete the required 180 days of community labor as part of his probation agreement, according to E! Online.

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Chris told the probation department in Virginia that he had a medical marijuana card in California and took the drug there, creating further proof that anybody can get a card for weed in that state. As for the community service, he claims that he did most of his hours alone and simply "didn't sign in." That wasn't good enough for the judge though. She ordered him to register with California probation within 72 hours and attend a probation-violation setting hearing on November 1.

But will he go to jail? The judge said she will NOT revoke Breezy's probation because she had not imposed drug testing as a condition. "You are not only in the public eye but you are on probation to me," said Patricia to him. "You are on probation for five years and you still have a couple left. Your conduct is important." Chris should be thanking his lucky, marijuana leaf filled stars right about now.

Do you think Chris should have gone to jail?

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