The season finale of Awkward airs tonight and we chatted with the ladies of the show at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

Nikki Deloach, Jillian Rose Reed, Molly Tarlov and Jessica Lu chatted with Chelsea Briggs about what fans can expect from tonight’s episode – hint: it’ll blow your mind! Also, the subject of boy bands was definitely brought up!

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Okay, let’s get to the details of the finale! The fans may have an idea in their head on what’s going to happen during the show, but the cast pretty much guarantees that your mind will be blown!  “They can’t expect anything because nothing in the realm of their imagination is gonna happen,” Molly said. Now you guys can go ahead and take that however you so please!

Watch all the awkwardness go down on Awkward TONIGHT at 10:30 on MTV!

Spills your thoughts on what you hope to happen in the comments section below!