Alright Glee fans, you’ve all been waiting patiently – or impatiently – but tonight is the night. The show is returning for season four with some serious heavy weights, like Kate Hudson, making it a season to watch!

Hollywire recently caught up with Glee star Chord Overstreet and got the inside scoop on working with Kate, some more upcoming guest stars to watch for and his favorite songs to cover. Spoiler alert: he’s a big fan of Justin Bieber!

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Being a part of the show, Chord has covered some of the most iconic and super-catchy songs of the past and present. So it must be hard to pick his favorite ones to cover, right? Wrong! “I love doing the Justin Bieber songs. There always a fun time,” he revealed. “I think he’s a really talented kid and he’s got a good head on his shoulders.” Yup, it’s official – Chord is a Belieber!  

Make sure to tune in to the season of premiere of Glee TONIGHT at 9 PM!

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