All we have to say after watching Christina Aguilera’s music video for Your Body is wowza! To describe the video for her new single would go like this: combine the movie Jennifer’s Body with a mix of Ke$ha and her insane love of glitter. Oh, and with lots and lots of pink thrown in.

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A number of teaser clips were released to amp fans up for the video, which is the first single off her upcoming album Lotus. Christina wears a number of sexy looks, including corsets and mini-dresses -- typical X-tina attire – while she chews men up and spits them right back out, but still rocking some colorful hairstyles.

Christina has said that her album represents a “rebirth” for her and is all about “self-expression and freedom.” Well she definitely got that across with this video! Girl power, X-tina!

What do you think about Christina’s new video? Are you loving it or is it just a little too out there for your tastes?