It’s getting closer to happening! When Channing Tatum revealed that a Magic Mike sequel was in the works, we thought it was the greatest news, well, ever. Now even more details on this epic flick are being released, like the storyline and the chances of it actually being a prequel!

“We’re actually talking about the possibility of doing the prequel,” star Joe Manganiello said. “Because if you do the sequel, then you lose Mike [Channing Tatum’s character. Otherwise, what’s Mike going to do. He’s going to come back for one big heist… so, you would do the prequel – how they got there.”

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Recently, Channing chatted about his hopes for the new film, saying, “We really want to [make it].” Of course, the Broadway version of the film would come first. Now that’s one show we would HAVE to see!

Magic Mike was a major smash at the box office, grossing over $154 million worldwide. But will the next one be even bigger?

What do you think? Would you check out another Magic Mike film or is it old news?

Photos Courtesy of Warner Bros.