Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, isn't portraying herself in the most flattering light with her recent comments!

She and Russell Brand have reportedly been enjoying a hot and heavy romance, but it looks like things are cooling down after less than two weeks. Russell is heading back to LA and Geri isn't going with him. Her reason? According to Daily Mail, it's bcause he's "exhaustingly intelligent!" Um, we fail to see the issue there!

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The pair met at the Olympics and bonded initially over their love for yoga, but a source close to Geri said Russell is simply too intense for him. "Russell's way into very intense spiritual readings that are just too much, even for Geri," said the source. "He is way too intense, full stop."

That same source also claimed that Geri may not have been all that into Russell to begin with and was simply enjoying the paparazzi glare she was getting from it, by far the most attention she's received in years without standing next to her fellow Spice Girls. "It will be yoga, sex and fizz, but it won't last the distance," said the source. 

Do you think Geri and Russell are on their way out?

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