I had the pleasure of having a quick chat with the one and only Selena Gomez at the Hotel Transylvania screening last Saturday at The Grove in Los Angeles. As much as I love Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore anyone?), Selena was at the top of my list to talk too. I mean, hello? Who wouldn’t want to have a girl chat with her?

Let me just say that she is the absolute sweetest thing in Hollywood. She came up to me in the press line and I asked how she was doing, she replied, “Good, I’m really hot right now though! Under all these lights – phew!”

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Since I had very limited time with her, I got straight to the question I’ve been dying to ask her. No, it wasn’t about Justin Bieber, or the movie or anything like that. I wanted to get the real dirt. So, I just had to ask what fall fashion trends she’s digging right now. The girl has GREAT taste in style, right?

Her response? “Layers and layers. I’m really liking really cool patterns too,” she said. “I’m into layering, warm colors. Yeah, I’m real original,” she laughed.  

Will you please excuse me? I need to call up Selena and see if she'll help me update my wardrobe. Maybe she'll be my shopping buddy!

What fall fashion trends are you loving? Are you liking the layers and patterns like Selena?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images