If the lineup of new shows this fall is any indication, television is moving back in a scripted direction!

Several new comedies and dramas are airing on all the major networks this fall and many of them look ready to take home some Emmys next year! What are some of the must-see shows to check out in the coming months? Check out our round-up of the most buzzworthy shows airing this fall!

1. 66 Park Avenue (ABC)

Premiere Date: Sunday, September 30

Starring: Terry O'Quinn (Lost), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives), Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters)

All of the action on the show centers around The Drake, one of the most seductive and scandalous apartment buildings in Manhattan. The building is owned by the mysterious Gavin Doran (O'Quinn) & his socialite wife Olivia (Williams). A new couple moves in to help run the complex, but then they realize they've got unexpected tenants - supernatural forces!

2. Arrow (The CW)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, October 10

Starring: Stephen Arnell (Heartland, Hung), Katie Cassidy (Black Christmans, Taken, Harper's Island, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, Monte Carlo), Willa Holland (The OC, Gossip Girl, Legion)

The show is based on the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow. When billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after being missed and presumed dead for five years after a violent shipwreck, friends and family notice he has changed drastically. As he hides the truth about his past, he creates the persona of a vigilante named Arrow and becomes bent on righting his family's wrong, as well as reconciling with those he has mistreated.

3. Beauty and The Beast (The CW)

Premiere Date: Thursday, October 11

Starring: Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Lana, Chuck), Jay Ryan (Terra Nova)

The show mainly centers around Catherine "Cat" Chandler, a no-nonsense homicide detective haunted by tragedy. She eventually discovers that a handsome doctor named Vincent Keller (Ryan), who was reportedly killed in Afghanistan in 2002, is still alive. So why has he been hiding all this time? When he becomes enraged, he becomes a beast - literally!  But Cat learns Vincent has his good moments too when he reveals that he saved her on the night of her mother's murder.

4. Chicago Fire (NBC)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, October 10

Starring: Jesse Spencer (House), Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries, Zero Dark Thirty, Trauma), David Eisenberg (Sex and the City)

Here's a way to get ratings: shirtless firefighters! Created by the producers of the Law and Order franchise, this drama centers around the personal and professional lives of the firefighters of Chicago's Firehouse 51.

5. Elementary (CBS)

Premiere Date: Tuesday, September 25

Starring: Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Dark Shadows, Eli Stone, Dexter), Lucy Liu (Southland, Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill), Aidan Quinn (Third Watch, Prime Suspect, Legends of the Fall)

If this show feels like Sherlock Holmes when you start watching, that's because it pretty much is. Miller takes on the modern day Sherlock role, who is also a recovering addict and NYPD consultant. And his Watson is a woman this time around! The former surgeon and "sober companion" is played by Liu.

6. The Mindy Project (FOX)

Premiere Date: Tuesday, September 25

Starring: Mindy Kaling (The Office, No Strings Attached), Chris Messina (Six Feet Under, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Julie & Julia, The Newsroom, Damages), Ed Weeks

Needless to say, this show is all about Mindy! She stars as a single woman with a blossoming career as an OB/GYN, but whose love life needs an emergency room visit. Her shameless, train-wreck antics have plenty of critics talking about this show for all the right reasons!

7. Nashville (ABC)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, October 10

Starring: Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Charles Esten (Big Lawyer, The Office, Party of Five)

Who knew country music was so ruthless?! The show centers around former country superstar Rayna James (Britton), whose career has basically been but to pasture when her record company suggests that she open for the equivalent of Taylor Swift, Juliette Barnes (Panettiere). The problem is that Juliette is not only a major diva who's determined to wipe away the competition in Rayna, but also seduce her husband too!

8. The New Normal (NBC)

Premiere Date: Tuesday, September 11

Starring: Andrew Rannells (Bachelorette, Girls), Justin Bartha (Failure to Launch, National Treasure, The Hangover), NeNe Leakes (Real Housewives of ATL, Glee, Celebrity Apprentice)

This show about a single mother becoming a surrogate for a gay couple has already been generating plenty of controversy. It's even been banned by an NBC affiliate in Utah before the first episode even aired!

9. Partners (CBS)

Premiere Date: Monday, September 24

Starring: David Krumholtz (Numbers), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill)

Those of you who miss Will and Grace should tune in for this one! Louis (Urie) and Joe (Krumholtz), two lifelong friends and architects, decide to become partners in a new firm. Their "bromance" is tested by Joe's engagement to Ali (Bush) and Louis' new boyfriend Wyatt (Routh). The Will and Grace vibe is compounded because Partners is even made by the same creators as that show!

10. Revolution (NBC)

Premiere Date: Monday, September 17

Starring: Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, V, ER), Tracy Spiridakos (Being Human, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Billy Burke (24, The Twilight Saga)

Think of how upset you get when you run out of juice on your iPhone? Now imagine if there were no electricity, period. On this show, the world plunges back into the dark ages and life becomes what it was like before the industrial revolution!

What show are you most excited to see this fall?

Photos courtesy of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and The CW