Fiona Apple is feeling like a criminal (sorry, had to). 

Fiona was arrested at the Texas border on Wednesday for alleged drug possession. She's been on tour promoting her critically acclaimed darkly whimsical album The Idler Wheel.... But her tour went south (literally and figuratively) when her tour bus was stopped and searched in Sierra Blanca, TX. The cops allegedly found hash and a small about of marijuana on the bus.TMZ noted that the Sierra Blanca police force is actually known to bust celebs passing through. They've arrested Willie NelsonSnoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. I guess they don't take kindly to us Hollywood types.


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We're sad Fiona got pinched and hope she's managing alright (might even prompt her to write some gritty new songs). But we have to appreciate this mugshot. The closed eyes... the sullen face... the jailbird-chich blouse. Isn't it so perfectly on-brand? Somehow it makes us love her even more...

It got us thinking about celebrity mugshots. Not the crazy pictures or the sad ones -- the COOL, BADASS ones. The ones you want to frame and hang in your house to remind yourself to stick it to the man every day. And let me tell ya, we dug up some AMAZING ones. From the iconic Jane Fonda mugshot to Prince to Woody Harrelson.... check out our gallery of the raddest mugshots of all time.

Do you think Fiona deserved to get arrested for having hash on her tour bus??

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