Let’s face the cold, hard facts – Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a total babe. There, I said it. The guy who started out as a child actor in the ‘90s as Tommy in 3rd Rock From the Sun has turned into a really hot, but completely serious actor that’s also really good at comedic films. His latest flick Looper hits theaters TODAY and he shows off his action star chops once again to us all.

In this week’s Hot Guy Friday, let’s just take a moment to show appreciation -- again -- to his beautiful man that stole our hearts in 500 Days of Summer and 50/50, but made us totally swoon in Inception. And The Dark Knight Rises. And now Looper. Enjoy!

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Also, just because this would be a sin not to show, take a look at his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live where he shows his favorite part from Channing Tatum's film Magic Mike. You can thank me later.

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