Jake Gyllenhaal's latest flick End of Watch hits theaters tomorrow and while there's plenty of action in it, one particular moment was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor: him getting tased by the LAPD!

The actor revealed that part of his training to take on the role of a cop patrolling South Central involved going on real-life ride alongs with LAPD officers. However, Jake decided to take it one step further and, according to E! Online, let an officer tase him! "It was not pleasant, I'll say that," said Jake at the L.A. Live premiere of the movie last Monday. "Thousands of volts of electricity going through your body in a very short amount of time is not a lot of fun."

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Believe it or not, Jake wasn't the only masochistic person on the set: His co-stars America Ferrera and Michael Pena also asked to be tased! "They said they do it to the training officers," said Amanda. "But no one made me do it. I am the one who succumbed to the peer pressure because everyone else was doing it. It's not my proudest moment, but we all have the shared experience and I guess it bonded us."

Michael was equally unproud of his tasing experience. "I tried to roll up and be a badass," said Michael. "I was like, 'All right, dude, go ahead.' Somebody showed it in slow motion. I do not look cool at all." One thing to cross off the bucket list, we guess?

What do you think of Jake getting tased?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Open Road Films