Lady Gaga's fashion sense has always been a little bit out there, but there are plenty of people who feel she crossed the line with her latest outfit.

Gaga recently stepped out for London Fashion Week covered up for once, but still courted plenty of controversy. The singer wore a burka and silk scarves that covered everything but her eyes, but managed to throw in a middle finger to PETA by wearing fur tails from the neck down. To top off the outfit, Daily Mail reported that she carried a yellow and red purse with a particular word covered in glitter. Hint: Rhymes with punt. It's not hunt.

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Of course, Lady Gaga couldn't have only ONE outfit during London Fashion Week that screamed WTF. Check out this number.

Seriously, we don't understand the desperate need for attention. It's Lady Gaga. Pretty much anything she does is going to make the headlines at this point, so it's not like she's a D-lister who has to wear this stuff in order to generate press. Doesn't she realize how silly a flower headpiece looks?

Do you think Lady Gaga crossed the line with her burka outfit?

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