At this point, every hospital in the country should be required by law to leave a bed open for Lindsay Lohan. Just to be on the safe side.

The actress took another trip to the emergency room last Sunday, this time for what her rep is referring to as the "effects of asthma." Sources close to LiLo say she was given antibiotics before being discharged and her rep said that she has been "treated and released, and is doing fine," according to People Magazine

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Of course, Lindsay is finding something to blame her hospital scare on. According to TMZ, she claims the stress from her hit-and-run arrest last week (which, in her defense, turned out to be bogus) resulted in a sharp pain beneath her breasts and aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia. Come hell or high water though, Lindsay will be finishing Scary Movie 5, her current movie project with Charlie Sheen. "I have been really sick with pneumonia but I have been working. I have been shooting Scary Movie with Charlie Sheen," she said.

However, it's unclear whether Lindsay actually has walking pneumonia as she claims; she reportedly used that as an excuse to try and bail out of the project after reading the script, but was unable to convince doctors that she had it.

What do you think of Lindsay's latest hospital visit?

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