Prince Harry caused major headlines when he decided to take it all off while partying in his VIP suite in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. With One Direction over here in the States for the MTV Video Music Awards, obviously the question of what they thought about Harry’s moment in the buff had to come up!

Being in the spotlight means you have to take on constant criticism and remarks, which Zayn Malik said would be the “downside” of being Prince Harry. “You have to be aware of people’s opinions.”

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“A lot of people would have gone away on holiday and whatever, it doesn’t matter for them. For him – it matters,” Liam Payne added.

Louis Tomlinson has nothing but respect for the Prince saying, “That’s why I think he’s such a strong figure, because he’s real.” Niall Horan continued, “He’s a 20-year-old guy doing what he wants.”

I don’t think the Queen would 100 percent agree with the 1D boys on that one!

Do you agree with One Direction? Do you feel bad for Prince Harry or should he have known better?

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