It looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton may have a whole lot more to worry about than the topless pics of Kate that French magazine Closer recently published.

Closer editor Laurence Pieau says she has "intimate" photos of the Prince and Kate during their holiday on the beach in France at a chateau owned by the Royal family, but chose not to release them to the public. However, one company is determined to make sure those pics see the light of the day. YouPorn (think YouTube for porn) Marketing Director Corey Price made an offer via a formal letter to buy the photos from Laurence and said no expense will be spared. How much are we talking? According to TMZ, Corey said he has an "open check!"

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In the letter, Corey said that YouPorn wants the photos because they have been flooded "with e-mails from our site's loyal visitors" about them and feel the pics "are an incredibly newsworthy story." In addition, Corey is "very confident that we can show this footage legally." This may be one love scene we really just don't want to see...

First things first for Kate and Prince William though. They are filing a criminal complaint today in France against the photographer who snapped the photos and Prince William said he will seek to put the man behind bars!

Would you want to see photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton getting it on?

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