Take note, Kristen Stewart: This is how you handle an embarrassing public situation!

Prince Harry made his first public appearance since his nude pics were blasted all over the internet -- and even managed to make a joke about it! The Prince showed up, with clothes this time, to the WellChild Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel in London, according to TMZ. The event honors critically ill children and the doctors and nurses who care for them?

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Reporters in attendance were nervous to address the elephant in the room when Prince Harry arrived at the hotel, but luckily he did it for them! "All of you – children, families, nurses, doctors, carers, volunteers – are, quite frankly, too remarkable for me adequately to describe with mere words," he said. "But never one to be shy in coming forward, I'll give it a go."

And now that he's owned up to it, we can all move on with our lives until the next celebrity nude scandal -- knowing Hollywood, that will probably take place sometime this week.

What do you think of Prince Harry owning up to his pics?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images