When you already have nearly $5 million in tax debts, throwing some more money onto the pile probably doesn't even affect you that much.

At least, that's the approach R. Kelly seems to be taking. The R&B singer already owes $4,842,078.71 to the IRS for unpaid taxes between the years 2005-2010. But rather than work hard to pay off the debt (and get a new accountant), he's adding MORE money on to what he already owes. According to TMZ, R. Kelly has an additional $1,379,675.11 in unpaid taxes for the 2011 fiscal year, bringing the grand total to $6,227,767.82!

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A rep for the singer said that, "He takes this very seriously and is already communicating with the IRS about the payment process to quickly resolve the issue." Which was pretty much the same statement given last year. And the year before that, and the year before...you get the idea.

We have to ask though: at what point will he go to jail for this? Wesley Snipes is serving a three year prison sentence for $7 million in unpaid taxes. Lauryn Hill is facing prison time over less than what R. Kelly owes. When you or I owe money, the IRS starts confiscating our things after 30 days. How has he been able to get away with this for seven years running?!

Do you think R. Kelly will ever pay off his debt? Will he face prison time?

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